Edwin Gould, Sr.

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Edwin Gould I
Edwin Gould, Sr. (February 26, 1866 – July 12, 1933) in 1918.jpg
Gould in 1918
Born February 26, 1866
Manhattan, New York City
Died July 12, 1933
Oyster Bay, New York
Cause of death Heart attack
Education Columbia University
Spouse(s) Sarah Cantine Shrady (c. 1870-1951)
Children Edwin Gould, Jr. (1894-1917)
Frank Miller Gould (c. 1895-1945)
Parent(s) Jay Gould

George Jay Gould I, brother

Helen Gould, sister
Anna Gould, sister
Frank Jay Gould, brother
Howard Gould, brother
Sarah Cantine Shrady who married Edwin Gould

Edwin Gould, Sr. (February 26, 1866 – July 12, 1933), was an American investor and railway official.[1]


He was born in Manhattan, New York City to railroad financier Jay Gould on February 26, 1866.[1] He studied at Columbia University. He retired in 1926, and he died on July 12, 1933. After his dinner he complained of not feeling well, and died after midnight in his bed, at his home in Oyster Bay, New York.[1] He was buried in the family mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery.

TIME magazine writes on July 24, 1933:

His brothers and sisters, save for Helen, all insisted on marrying actresses or noblemen — generally more than once. His sister Anna divorced Count Boni de Castellane and married the Duc de Talleyrand. His brother Howard (now living abroad) married Actress Viola Kathrine Clemmons and separated from her. His brother Frank Jay Gould (now settled on the Riviera as owner of Nice's unprofitable Casino) married Margaret Kelly, a banker's daughter, then British Actress Edith Kelly, then French Actress Florence La Caze. His elder brother George had married Actress Edith Kingdon, by whom he had seven children, and after her death in 1921 married British Actress Guinevere Sinclair, legitimatizing three other children he had had by her. ... But he modestly went his way, made and gave away his modest millions, died without ostentation, of a sudden heart attack.


He married Sarah Cantine Shrady (c. 1870-1951).[2][3][4] She inherited $US 10,000,000 upon his death. They had two sons:

  • Edwin Gould II, (1894-1917). He died from a hunting accident at the Jekyll Island Club on Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1917.[5][6]
  • Frank Miller Gould (c. 1895-1945). He graduated from Yale in 1920 and married Florence Amelia Bacon on November 17, 1924. She was from Dallas, Texas. They had two children, and divorced in Reno, Nevada on May 6, 1944:
    • Marianne Gould (1926- January 21, 1957);
    • Edwin Jay Gould (1932- 1993).[7]
Frank married Helen Dolores (Roosen) Curran at Macon, Georgia, on June 7, 1944. Frank died on January 13, 1945.[1][8]

Accomplishments and social[edit]

  • Chosen a captain in the Seventy-first regiment of the State National Guard.
  • Served as secretary of the St. Louis, Arkansas, and Texas Railway until it was reorganized as the St. Louis Southwestern Railway.
  • Served as Vice-President and President of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway.
  • Organized the Continental Match Company in 1894 (consolidated with the Diamond Match Company in 1899).
  • President of the Bowling Green Trust Company.
  • Vice-president of the American Writing Paper Company.
  • President of the Five Boroughs Realty Company.
  • Director of many railroad and other corporations.
  • In 1917-1918, he served with Squadron A, New York National Guard.
  • In 1918, he was major of ordnance in the First Brigade of the New York guard.


He was a very active member of the Jekyll Island Club (aka The millionaires Club) on Jekyll Island, Georgia along with J.P. Morgan and William Rockefeller among others.


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