Eg River

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Eg River (Эгийн гол)
Eg River some kilometers south of Khatgal
Country Mongolia
Aimags Khövsgöl, Bulgan
Major city Khatgal
 - left Üür River, Tarvagatai River
Source Lake Khövsgöl
 - location near Khatgal
 - elevation 1,645 m (5,397 ft)
 - coordinates 50°25′10″N 100°09′10″E / 50.41944°N 100.15278°E / 50.41944; 100.15278
Mouth Selenge River
 - coordinates 49°23′15″N 103°37′30″E / 49.38750°N 103.62500°E / 49.38750; 103.62500Coordinates: 49°23′15″N 103°37′30″E / 49.38750°N 103.62500°E / 49.38750; 103.62500
Length 475 km (295 mi)
Basin 49,100 km2 (18,958 sq mi)

The Eg River (Mongolian: Эгийн гол, Egiin gol ) is a river in the Khövsgöl and Bulgan aimags in northern Mongolia. It is the only outflow of Lake Khövsgöl and a tributary of the Selenge river. Wooden bridges exist near Khatgal and in Tünel sum, and a concrete bridge has been built in Erdenebulgan. In Bulgan aimag there is a bridge between Teshig and Khutag-Öndör sums.

Since the early 1990s there have been efforts to build a hydroelectric dam on this river. These attempts, however, have been opposed by several academic communities: archaeology because of the rich and not yet fully explored archaeological sites in area; geology because the area may have earthquakes. A dam would also displace parts of the local population as it floods some pastures and homesteads.

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