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Reynier Casamayor Griñán, known as El Médico (born c. 1975), is a Cuban musician and medical doctor who is, as of 2005 enjoying success in Spain as a composer and performer of reggaetón music.

El Médico began his musical career interpreting rap with his studies at la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Santiago de Cuba (Medical School in Santiago, Cuba). Along with two friends, he created the group Garganta de Fuego, or Throat of Fire.[1]

He reached 10th place in the top 10 music sales charts of Spain with the song Chupa Chupa, recorded with Warner Music. This artist began his career in Santiago de Cuba along with Candyman, Mey Vidal, La Familia, Control Cubano, and many others. Though most Cubans easily recognize El Médico's music, the artist himself has not achieved much fame due to his almost non-existent media presence.[1]

El Médico was born and resides in Santiago de Cuba. He is one of the pioneers of reggaetón music in Cuba. He attended the University of Santiago in 1993 where he studied medicine. He graduated in 2002, specializing in general medicine. In addition to his music career, he is also a family doctor in Cuba.[2]

Raynier Casamayor Griñán has been portrayed in the documentary film "El Médico – The Cubatón Story", by the director Daniel Fridell. World premiere 2011.


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