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Organización Editorial Mexicana, also known as OEM, is the largest Mexican print media company and the largest newspaper company in Latin America. The company owns a large newswire service, it includes 70 Mexican daily newspapers, 24 radio stations and 44 websites.[1]

Organización Editorial Mexicana was founded by Jose Garcia Valseca The daily circulation of the print edition of La Prensa, one of OEM's newspapers, is more than 450,000 readers. It is considered the most widely read newspaper in Mexico City. According to, the online version of the media company is one of the most visited webpages in Mexico.[2]

Organización Editorial Mexicana owns El Sol de México, ESTO and La Prensa. Circulation combined tops every news print media in the Mexican capital.[3]

Mexican newspapers owned by OEM[edit]

Mexico city and metro area

Central region

Gulf of Mexico region

North region

East region

Pacific coast and northwest region

Southeast region

Companies owned by OEM[edit]

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