El Libro de piedra

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El Libro de piedra
El Libro de piedra.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada
Produced by Adolfo Grovas
Written by Carlos Enrique Taboada
Starring Marga López
Joaquín Cordero
Norma Lazareno
Aldo Monti
Music by Raúl Lavista
Cinematography Ignacio Torres
Edited by Carlos Savage
Release date
Running time
99 min.
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

El Libro de piedra (The Book of Stone) is a 1969 Mexican horror film, written and directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada.

Julia is hired to be the governess of a young girl, Sylvia who has an emotionally distant father, Eugenio, and a new stepmother, Mariana. Sylvia insists that she plays with a little boy named Hugo - whom the adults all see is a stone statue in the courtyard. When strange things begin to happen (such as Mariana, whom Sylvia dislikes, experiencing strange pains) the adults begin to wonder if Hugo may be more than just an imaginary playmate.

This film was re-made in 2009.

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