Elgin Street, Bacup

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Elgin Street
Elgin Street Bacup - geograph.org.uk - 462435.jpg
Elgin Street (photo from 2007)
Length 17 ft (5 m)
Postal code OL13 8GS
Coordinates 53°42′10″N 2°12′06″W / 53.70270°N 2.20172°W / 53.70270; -2.20172

Elgin Street is one of the shortest streets in the world at 17 feet (5.2 m). It is located in Bacup, Lancashire. It held the British record until November 2006, when it was discovered that Ebenezer Place, Wick in Caithness, Scotland, constructed in 1883 and named in 1887, was shorter at only 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m) in length.[1]

The street is accessed from a walkway between Bank Street and Lord Street[2] but vehicular access has been cut off by the later construction of this walkway and steps. The street can be viewed from the railings above.[3]


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