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Elsbett 3-cylinder straight motor
Elsbett 3-cylinder straight motor block

The Elsbett engine is a 89 HP, direct-injection diesel engine designed to run on straight vegetable oil. The engine is also known as Elko engine (for "Elsbett Konstruktion") and was invented by Ludwig Elsbett.[1]

The design limits the loss of energy as heat by a variety of technologies;

  • the fuel charged is injected in such a manner as to 'blend perfectly with the air' and combust within a central core of hot air, not contacting the chamber walls, which is necessary for good air/fuel with other designs examined. The Elsbett engine has a deep bowl which has a slight lip
  • the engine also doesn't use any water cooling. Instead, only oil is used as a coolant fluid. No water cooling of the engine block was required, and only an oil cooler was used to cool down the oil curculating.

It had a 25% fuel efficiency advantage over contemporary designs in the 1980s. Several revolutionary improvements were achieved in this design, such as a new piston design and combustion process.

The technology was adopted by some companies in the former Soviet Union and a major project by Grupo Garavello, which went bankrupt by their other business activities, was undertaken in Brazil. Although work continues on the dedicated multi-fuel Elsbett engine, the company now also sells conversion kits for existing diesel engines to run on vegetable oil.

Elsbett AG is based in Thalmaessing, Bavaria, Germany.


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