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Emily Pitkin (Perkins) Baldwin, (1 January 1796 – 29 January 1874), was born in Hartford, Connecticut to Enoch Perkins and Hannah Pitkin. On 25 October 1820 she married Roger Sherman Baldwin, who became the Governor of Connecticut in 1844 and US Senator in 1847. Emily and Roger had nine children.


  1. Edward Law Baldwin (1 October 1822 – 6 July 1848)
  2. Elizabeth Wooster Baldwin (8 August 1824 – 10 September 1912)
  3. Roger Sherman Baldwin (4 July 1826 – 12 November 1856)
  4. Ebenezer Simeon Baldwin (4 March 1828 – 28 April 1836)
  5. Henrietta Perkins Baldwin (3 April 1830 – 15 January 1910)
  6. George William Baldwin (24 April 1832 – 30 January 1930)
  7. Emily Frances Baldwin (13 December 1834 – 27 April 1836)
  8. Ebenezer Charles Baldwin (17 September 1837 – 10 December 1937)
  9. Simeon Eben Baldwin (5 February 1840 – 30 January 1927)


Emily was an aunt by marriage of Edward Everett Hale, and the mother of Connecticut Governor Simeon Eben Baldwin. In 1786 her father, Enoch Perkins, began what has become the oldest law firm in continuous practice in the United States, now known as Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald; and his original law practice shingle is one of the firm's most prized heirlooms. In 1820 Enoch's son Thomas Clap Perkins joined his father's law practice. Thomas Perkins married Mary Foote Beecher, daughter of Lyman Beecher and the sister of author Harriet Beecher Stowe. In 1855 Thomas Perkins's son Charles expanded the firm's litigation practice and became widely recognized as one of the State Capital's finest trial lawyers.

Charles Perkins also became a close friend and legal counselor to Samuel Clemens, known to most by his pen name Mark Twain. In 1889 Charles Perkins' son Arthur continued the Perkins family stewardship of the firm until his death in 1932. Arthur Perkins also was a founding member of the Appalachian Trail Association and became known as the "Father of the Appalachian Trail," which spans from Georgia to Maine.

Emily was also the niece of US Representative Timothy Pitkin, the granddaughter of the Rev. Timothy Pitkin (Yale 1747), great-granddaughter Governor William Pitkin and the Reverend Thomas Clap, who was the fifth President of Yale College; and a descendant of Governors George Wyllys and John Haynes of Connecticut and Governor Thomas Dudley of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Governor William Bradford of the Plymouth Colony.


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