List of energy efficient buildings in India

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Following is the list of energy efficient buildings according to climatic zones they are situated in.

Climatic zones[edit]

Cold and sunny[edit]

  • Degree College and Hill Council Complex, Leh
  • Airport and staff housing colony, Kargil
  • LEDeG Trainees’ Hostel, Leh
  • Sarai for Tabo Gompa, Spiti
  • The Druk White Lotus School, Shey, Ladakh[1]

Cold And Cloudy[edit]

  • Residence of Mohini Mullick, Bhowali, Nainital
  • Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank, Shimla
  • MLA Hostel, Shimla
  • Himurja Office Building, Shimla


  • PEDA office complex, Chandigarh
  • Bidani House, Faridabad
  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi
  • Transport Corporation of India Ltd, Gurgaon
  • SOS Tibetan Children’s Village, Rajpur, Dehradun
  • Redevelopment of property at Civil Lines, Delhi
  • Integrated Rural Energy Programme Training Centre, Delhi
  • Tapasya Block (Phase 1), Sri Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi
  • Water and Land Management Institute, Bhopal
  • Baptist Church, Chandigarh
  • Solar Energy Centre, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon
  • National Media Centre Co-operative Housing Scheme, Gurgaon
  • ITC Centre, Gurgaon
  • CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad
  • Monama House, Hyderabad[2]
  • Green Leaf Hotel, Jasola[3]

Hot and dry[edit]

  • Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur[4]
  • Sangath – an architect’s studio, Ahmedabad
  • Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad
  • Residence for Mahendra Patel, Ahmedabad
  • Solar passive hostel, Jodhpur
  • college of engineering, Phaltan


  • Residence for Mary Mathew, Bangalore[4]
  • TERI office building-cum-guest house, Bangalore

Warm and humid[edit]

  • Nisha’s play School, Goa
  • Office building of the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency, Kolkata
  • Office-cum-laboratory for the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Kolkata
  • Silent Valley, Kalasa
  • Vikas Apartments, Auroville[4]
  • La Cuisine Solaire, Auroville[4]
  • Kindergarten School, Auroville[4]
  • Visitors’ Centre, Auroville
  • Computer Maintenance Corporation House, Mumbai
  • Dormitory Building, Karjat[5]

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