Energy fields

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Energy fields may refer to:


  • Energy (esotericism), a term used by writers and practitioners of esoteric forms of spirituality and alternative medicine


  • Force field (physics), a vector field that describes a non-contact force acting on a particle at various positions in space
    • Electromagnetic field, a physical field produced by electrically charged objects
      • Electric field, a vector field surrounding an electric charge that exerts force on other charges
      • Magnetic field, a vector field that describes the magnetic influence of electrical currents and magnetized materials
    • Gravitational field, a model used to explain the influence that a massive body extends into the space around itself
    • Quantum field, a mechanical models of subatomic particles and quasiparticles in condensed matter physics


  • Force field (fiction), a barrier made of energy, plasma, or particles
  • Magic circle, a circle (or sphere, field) of space marked out by practitioners of many branches of ritual magic