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Engelbert, Count of Nevers

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Count of Nevers
Coat of arms of Engelbert of Cleves, Count of Nevers
Born26 September 1462
Died21 November 1506(1506-11-21) (aged 44)
Noble familyLa Marck
Spouse(s)Charlotte of Bourbon-Vendôme
IssueCharles II, Count of Nevers
FatherJohn I, Duke of Cleves
MotherElizabeth of Nevers

Engelbert of Cleves, Count of Nevers (26 September 1462 – 21 November 1506) was the younger son of John I, Duke of Cleves and Elizabeth of Nevers, only surviving child of John II, Count of Nevers.[1]

In 1481, Engelbert was sent with a large army to the Bishopric of Utrecht by his brother John II, Duke of Cleves where they successfully ousted David of Burgundy. But after the Siege of Utrecht (1483) he had to flee, and Utrecht returned to the control of Burgundy.

Engelbert married Catherine of Bourbon-Vendôme, daughter of John VIII, Count of Vendôme, circa 1489.[2] They had three children :

Engelbert became Count of Nevers and Eu in 1491 upon the death of his maternal grandfather John II, Count of Nevers. His eldest brother John II (1458–1521) inherited Cleves.



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Engelbert, Count of Nevers
Born: 26 September 1462 Died: 21 November 1506
Preceded by Count of Nevers
Succeeded by
Count of Eu