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English place names in Barbados is a list of Barbadian place names that were originally place names in England later applied in Barbados by English emigrants and explorers. Barbados has been known for centuries as being the island in the West Indies that appears the most British.[1][2]

Christ Church[edit]

  • Hastings
  • Vauxhall
  • Worthing

Saint Peter[edit]

Saint James[edit]


  1. ^ "Sights & Attractions in Barbados". Fodor's. 2008-12-31. Without question, Barbados is the "most British" island in the Caribbean. 
  2. ^ "Country profile: Barbados". New Internationalist. 2008-12-31. Coastal resorts have names like Hastings and Worthing; inland villages called Highgate and Clapham are redolent of London suburbia. Nicknamed either affectionately or disparagingly 'Little England', this is the most British of the Commonwealth Caribbean islands. 
  3. ^ "Speightstown Esplanade: Home Of Back In Time Pan 2008". The National Cultural Foundation (NCF). 2008-12-31. Speightstown derived its name from its location on the land of William Speight, a wealthy and influential merchant who later became a member of the island's first parliament under Governor Henry Hawley in 1639. On the island's first map, drawn by one of the country's earliest settlers, Captain John Swan, around 1640, the area was shown as "Spykeses Bay" and many Barbadians have pronounced it "Spykestown" ever since. The town was a bustling seaport, and for many years, and carried on such a thriving trade with Bristol in England that it called "Little Bristol". 
  4. ^ "Holetown at TotallyBArbados.com". TotallyBarbados.com. 2008-12-31. Holetown was the first town in Barbados, and was discovered in 1625 by an Englishman called Henry Powell, who was blown off course and discovered Barbados by accident. He returned to Barbados two years later in 1627 with a group of English settlers who named the area as Jamestown after the then king of England James 1st. 

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