Enguerrand II, Lord of Coucy

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Enguerrand II, Lord of Coucy, known as of La Fère or of Marle, was a French nobleman. He was also lord of Marle, La Fère, Crécy (sur-Serre), Vervins, Pinon, Landouzy (la-Ville), Fontaine (lès-Vervins), and of several other places. Unlike his father, the brigand-lord Thomas de Marle, Enguerrand II peacefully administered his lands, building a chapel in his castle (the chapel's foundations survive as some of the oldest remains in Coucy).

In 1131, he married Agnès de Beaugency, daughter of Mathilde de Vermandois and Raoul I of Beaugency.[1] Agnès gave him two sons:

His main leisure pursuit was hunting in the woods, where legend holds he met and killed a fierce lion or beast which had been terrorising the area, and founded the Order of the Lion to commemorate the event.


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Preceded by
Thomas de Marle
Lord of Coucy
1130–1149 (?)
Succeeded by
Raoul I, Lord of Coucy