Entrust Bankcard Company

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Entrust Bankcard Company
Industry Merchant Services, Financial services
Founded Mesa, Arizona, U.S. 2006 (2006)
Area served
Key people
Nathan J. Reis (CEO)
Products Point of sale, online gateway, wireless payment services, and gift card/loyalty programs
Services Finance
Number of employees
158 (2010)
Website www.entrustbankcard.com

Entrust Bankcard is a payment processing company based in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. Founded in 2006, Entrust Bankcard was listed at #18 on Inc.'s 2011 "Inc. 500" of the 500 fastest growing companies in America.[1] Entrust Bankcard provides point of sale, online gateway and wireless payment services for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as gift card and loyalty programs.

2010 revenue for Entrust Bankcard was $9.4 million, an increase of 8,417% over 2007's $110 thousand. Entrust grew from 6 employees to 158 employees during that time.[1] Since 2008, Entrust Bankcard has gone from serving 800 customers to almost 4,000 by November 2010.[2]

Entrust Bankcard claims to donate 10% of its profits toward Engage Foundation but never followed through. The Engage Foundation is a charity owned by Nathan J. Reis, the Entrust Bankcard CEO. The Engage Foundation is directed towards single mothers and young children as Reis was raised by a single mother in Wisconsin.[2]

Entrust Bankcard was an IMPACT award finalist in 2011.

On May 20, 2011, the Better Business Bureau revoked the accreditation of Entrust Bankcard, leaving it with a rating of "F".[3]

Entrust Bankcard Swipe Safe[edit]

Swipe Safe is the primary product of Entrust Bankcard. The Swipe Safe product allows Entrust Bankcard customers to be reimbursed for their chargebacks. Chargebacks can be a very large burden on small to mid-size businesses, which are Entrust Bankcard's target market. The chargeback policy Entrust Bankcard has implemented through their Swipe Safe product has made them the first merchant processor to reimburse for chargebacks.


As Entrust Bankcard has grown from 6 to 158 employees, there have been many career opportunities within the company. Entrust Bankcard has been primarily focused on growth surrounding account managers as their customer base has increased by 400% from 2008-2010.[citation needed]


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