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Eric Walmsley Heath (born 28 November 1923) is a New Zealand artist, illustrator and cartoonist.

Served New Zealand in the Second World War; Posted with the RNZAF No.6 Air Rescue Catalina Squadron, to Halavo Bay Flying Base on the island of Florida, north of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.(1943–45)

He was the editorial cartoonist for the Dominion newspaper, from 1964 until 1993 and produced 5 cartoons a week for 28 years. Eric also produced illustrations for over 100 commissioned or collaborative books covering diverse subject matter including but not limited to; New Zealand natural history; Botany, Ferns and Fern Allies: Zoology, Common Insects, Marine Life (over 850 paintings): The Material World, Ships, Trains (Steam and Electric).

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