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Erkin Koray
Studio album by Erkin Koray
Released 1973
Genre Anatolian rock, psychedelic rock, acid rock, hard rock, Turkish folk[1]
Length 42:51 (original release)
68:59 (World Psychedelia Ltd. rerelease)
Label Istanbul (Turkey), World Psychedelia Ltd. (South Korea)[2]
Erkin Koray chronology
Erkin Koray
Elektronik Türküler
(1974)Elektronik Türküler1974

Erkin Koray is the first studio album by Turkish rock musician Erkin Koray. The album is a collection of singles dating from 1967 - 1973. In 2006 the album was rereleased on CD, with 8 bonus tracks, by World Psychedelia Ltd.

'Çiçek Dagi' (Mountain of Flowers) was originally performed by the Erkin Koray Dörtlüsü Quartet at the Altin Mikrofon (Golden Microphone) contest in 1968, at which, they won fourth place. 'Sana Birşey Olmuş' (Something Has Happened to You) is a cover of the song "Land of a Thousand Dances" in Turkish. The songs 'Nihansin Dideden' (You are Hidden From Sight), 'Istemem' (I Don't Want), and 'Köperüden Geçti Gelin' (The Bride Crossed Over The Bridge) were recorded by Koray and his band Yeralti Dörtlüsü (The Underground Quartet). 'Yagmur' and 'Aska Inanmiyorum' were recorded by the Erkin Koray Süper Group. 'Züleyha' was recorded by Erkin Koray & Ter. 'Mesafeler' and 'Silinmeyen Hatiralar' were recorded by [Erkin Koray's group] Stop. The group never got to the recording stage. 'Mesafeler' and 'Silinmeyen Hatiralar' were the only two songs from Stop's rehearsals to be released.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Erkin Koray, except when noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Mesafeler" 3:40
2. "Aşkımız Bitecek" 3:22
3. "Yağmur" 3:41
4. "Silinmeyen Hatıralar" 4:11
5. "İstemem" 3:29
6. "Çiçek Dagi" 2:39
7. "Nihansin Dideden" 4:05
8. "Sana Birşeyler Olmuş" (Chris Kenner arr. Erkin Koray) 3:08
9. "Seni Her Gördüğümde" 3:22
10. "Aşka İnanmıyorum" 3:34
11. "Kızları Da Alın Askere" 3:32
12. "Anma Arkadaş" 4:04

World Psychedelia Bonus Tracks[edit]