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Written by John Galsworthy
Date premiered 1926 (UK)
26 October 1927 (US)
Place premiered Booth Theatre
New York City, New York (US)
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting London area and the Moor

Escape was a 1926 British play in nine episodes written by John Galsworthy. After a run in the London West End it transferred to Broadway where it was produced and staged by Winthrop Ames. It ran for 173 performances from 26 October 1927 to March 1928 at the Booth Theatre. It was included in Burns Mantle's The Best Plays of 1927-1928.


It was adapted into the 1930 film, Escape, and remade in 1948 Escape.


Former World War I British Army Captain Matt Denant protects a poor prostitute from an over-persistent plain-clothes police detective. In a scuffle Denant hits the dick who as a result falls, hitting his head, and dies. Denant gets sentenced to Dartmoor Prison for manslaughter and escapes from a work detail. The plot is a series of episodes where Denant meets people who will either abet or obstruct his escape thus becoming a study in class structure and ethos according to Galsworthy's interpretation of 1920s British society.


  • Leslie Howard as Captain Matt Denant, A. B. I. Imeson, the policeman and the warder
  • Henrietta Goodwin as girl of the town
  • Edgar B. Kent as plain-clothes man, the other warder and the Dartmoor constable
  • St. Clair Bayfield as the captain and the laborer
  • Laurence Hanray as the fellow convict, the old gentleman and the farmer
  • F. Cecil Butler as the other policeman and the other laborer
  • Austin Trevor as the parson
  • Frieda Inescort as the shingled lady
  • Lois Heatherley as Miss Grace
  • Geraldine Kay as little girl
  • Renee Macredy as Miss Dora
  • Cyrena Smith as the maid
  • Alan Trotter as the man in Plus fours and the bellringer
  • Viva Tattersall as wife of man in Plus fours
  • J. P. Wilson as shopkeeper
  • Lily Kerr as wife of shopkeeper
  • Ruth Vivian as sister of shopkeeper


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