Ethics (Watsuji)

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Ethics (Watsuji).jpg
Author Tetsuro Watsuji
Original title Rinrigaku
Translators Yamamoto Seisaku, Robert Edgar Carter
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Subject Ethics
Published 1937
Media type Print
Pages 381 (1996 SUNY edition)
ISBN 978-0791430934

Ethics (Japanese: Rinrigaku) is a work of ethical theory by the Japanese philosopher Tetsuro Watsuji. Its three volumes were first published in 1937, 1942, and 1949 respectively.[1]


Watsuji develops a communitarian ethics in terms of the "betweenness" (aidagara) of persons based on the Japanese notion of self as ningen, whose two characters reveal the double structure of personhood as both individual and social.[1]


Ethics is considered the premier work of modern Japanese ethical theory.[1]



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