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Euphoria Dhoom.jpg
Studio album by Euphoria
Released October, 1998
Genre Hindi rock
Producer Roy Menezes
Euphoria chronology
Phir Dhoom
(2000)Phir Dhoom2000

Dhoom (Hindi: धूम) is the first ever album by Indian rock band Euphoria released in 1998. They followed it up with the album Phir Dhoom.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Sha Na Na Na (शा ना ना ना)..
  2. Dhoom Pichuck (धुम पिचक)
  3. Tum (तुम)
  4. Hind Rock'n'Roll (हिंद रॉक एन रॉल)
  5. Rick's Lick (रिक्स लिक)
  6. Aamne Saamne (आमने सामने)
  7. Kyon Judaa (क्यों जुदा)
  8. Body Love (बोडी लव)
  9. D.J's 'Bass'ic Instinct (डी.जे.'स बसिक इंस्टिन्क्ट)
  10. Tumse Pyaar (तुमसे प्यार)
  11. Maa li (दिल्ली)

Some songs are available for free download form the Lounge section of the band's official website.

The female model in the music video of Dhoom is Michelle Innes[1][2]


Year Video Name(s)/Role
1998 Dhoom Pichuck (धुम पिचक)(Euphoria) Pradeep Sarkar/Director



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