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Coordinates: 37°45′41.97″N 122°26′17.3″W / 37.7616583°N 122.438139°W / 37.7616583; -122.438139

Eureka Valley Station
Eureka Valley Station exit at Market & Eureka.
Location Market Street between Eureka and Diamond streets[1]
San Francisco, CA
Line(s) Not in use
Platforms two side

33 Stanyan
35 Eureka

37 Corbett
Structure type underground
Opened 1918
Closed 1972; replaced eventually by Castro Street Station, in 1980
Eastern portal of the Twin Peaks Tunnel, near Eureka Station. The portal itself is also unused.

The Eureka Valley Station was an underground streetcar station in San Francisco, California, in use from 1918 until 1972. It was located inside the Twin Peaks Tunnel, very close to its eastern end, in the Eureka Valley neighborhood. Its location was chosen with the intent that it could serve as a transfer station to the Sunset Tunnel, whose east portal in early plans was to be located at the corner of Market and Eureka streets.[2]

In connection with construction of the Muni Metro, the station was closed permanently in 1972, to allow construction of new Market Street exit and entrance ramps for streetcars directly over the station's platforms,[1] and because the already-planned new Castro Street Station would be located nearby and serve the same area. The ramps were described as "temporary",[1] but they ended up remaining in use permanently – although after 1982 not by cars in regular service – and the Castro Street Station did not finally open until 8 years later, in 1980. The former Eureka Valley Station was not demolished or blocked off from the tunnel after being closed, and can still be seen when passing through on a Muni Metro streetcar. It is now used as an emergency exit from the subway, and the emergency exit doors can be seen at street level at Market Street.


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