European Parliament election, 1984 (Sardinia)

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The European Parliament election of 1984 took place on 17 June 1984.

The Italian Communist Party was narrowly ahead of Christian Democracy in Sardinia. The Sardinian Action Party had a surprisingly good result and was able to elect Mario Melis to the European Parliament in the Islands constituency, thanks to an alliance with several regionalist parties notably including the Valdostan Union, the Trentino Tyrolean People's Party and Liga Veneta.


Parties votes votes (%)
Italian Communist Party 296,908 32.5
Christian Democracy 284,409 31.2
Sardinian Action Party 115,885 12.7
Italian Socialist Party 73,509 8.1
Italian Social Movement 46,499 5.1
Radical Party 34,459 3.8
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 28,804 3.2
Italian Republican PartyItalian Liberal Party 21,900 2.4
Proletarian Democracy 8,951 1.0
Others 1,093 0.1
Total 912,417 100.0

Source: Ministry of the Interior

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