Ewa District, Nauru

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For the town in Hawaii, see Ewa Villages, Hawaii.

Ewa is a district in the Pacific nation of the Republic of Nauru, located in the north of island.

Area and population[edit]

Ewa district shown within Nauru.

It covers an area of 1.2 km² and has a population of 300. Ewa is part of the Anetan Constituency.

The northernmost point of Nauru is in the Ewa District.

Notable educational, business and sports facilities[edit]

A Catholic church in Ewa

Kayser College - A K-10 school. Named after German missionary Alois Kayser, who lived on the island for forty years.

Capelle & Partner - a department store that is the largest business in Nauru.

An Australian rules football playing ground is to the east of Capelle & Partner; it is a bare patch of crushed coral.

Notable locals[edit]

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Coordinates: 0°30′17″S 166°56′8″E / 0.50472°S 166.93556°E / -0.50472; 166.93556