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ExaSearch logo.png
ExaSearch's logo
Developer(s) Exanet
Stable release
4.5 / 2007
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Enterprise Search
License Proprietary
Website http://www.exanet.com/default.asp?contentID=192

ExaSearch, an enterprise-class search engine, which integrates with Exanet’s scalable, high-performance ExaStore, network attached storage (NAS) software, allowing customers to turn stored data into easily accessible information.

ExaSearch includes an enhanced search engine capable of searching multiple sources: file servers, email systems, groupware, databases and employee directories. It can process unstructured data and queries, and allows immediate access to newly generated content through real-time indexing. The product is designed to integrate with ExaStore software resulting in a scalable, high-performance clustered NAS solution combined with enterprise-class search capabilities.

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