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Flavin adenine dinucleotide is a redux cofactor chemical compound.

A fad is a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal.

FAD or fad may also refer to:

  • Dominican Air Force (Spanish: Fuerza Aérea Dominicana), Fuerza Aérea de República Dominicana, is one of the three branches of the Military of the Dominican Republic, together with the Army and the Navy
  • FAD assault rifle
  • Fad Browne (1906–1991), Irish politician
  • Familial Alzheimer disease, an enzyme chemical compound
  • Fatty acid desaturase, an enzyme that removes two hydrogen atoms from a fatty acid, creating a carbon/carbon double bond. These desaturases are classified as
  • First appearance datum, the date of the oldest known fossil of a living species
  • First assistant director, a member of a film crew
  • Fish aggregating device, a fishing equipment
  • Fox's Animation Domination, a programming block on the Fox television network
  • Wagi language, spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • Food availability decline; see Theories of famines
  • FC Altair-Khelling Derbent
  • Five Ash Down
  • Francis A. Dales (1923–2003), cadet midshipman in the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy who served on the freighter SS Santa Elisa, and subsequently the tanker SS Ohio, during Operation Pedestal, a convoy to the besieged island of Malta in the Second World War
  • Fakhruddin Ahmadi Danesh-Ashtiani (born 1955), Iranian politician and scholar
  • Farooq Ahmed Dar, former Kashmiri muslim militant and a serial killer who claimed responsibility of killing over twenty-two people, mostly Kashmiri Pandits during the 1990 Kashmiri Pandit genocide
  • Flora Adams Darling (1840–1910), American author. She is primarily noted for playing a role in founding the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1890
  • F. A. Davis (1850–1917), publishing executive who founded the F. A. Davis Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After moving to the Tampa Bay Area, he introduced electricity to St. Petersburg, Florida and founded the city of Pinellas Park
  • Frank A. Day (1855–1928), Minnesota legislator and the 13th Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota
  • Frank A. DeMarco (born 1921), educator and administrator who had a central role in the founding of the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Francis A. Deleglise (1835–1894)
  • Francisco Afan Delgado (1886–1964), Resident Commissioner from the Philippine Islands
  • Farhad Ahmed Dockrat, South African cleric and businessman who has recently been listed by the UN Security Council as a terror suspect along with his cousin Junaid Ismail Dockrat for alleged links with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda
  • Francisco Antônio Dória (born 1945), Brazilian mathematician, philosopher, and genealogist
  • Francis Anthony Drexel (1824–1885), Philadelphia banker
  • F. A. Dry (born 1931), former American football coach
  • Frank A. Dudley (1864–1945), American lawyer, politician, hotelier and business owner associated with Niagara Falls, New York. Dudley established the United Hotels Company of America and the "Lewiston Heights" neighborhood in Lewiston, New York
  • Francis Alexander Durivage (1814–1881), American author
  • Frank A. Dwinell (1848–1928), Vermont businessman and politician who served as President of the Vermont State Senate
  • Ferdinand Anton Danneskiold-Laurvig (1688–1754), Danish count, Gehejmekonferensråd(Privy Councillor) and director of the Danish West India Company from 1723
  • Franklin A. Davis (born 1939), Laura H. Carnell Professor of Chemistry at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Fading American Dream, the third album by the Street Dogs. It was released on October 24, 2006 by Brass Tacks Records, a division of DRT Entertainment
  • Faisal Arefin Dipan,  (ফয়সল আরেফিন দীপন) (12 July 1972 – 31 October 2015) was a publisher of Bangladesh who had collaborated with many notable Bengali authors including secular science writer Avijit Roy
  • Finnish Armoured Division, a Finnish armoured division during the Continuation War
  • Float Away Deconstructed, an album released by the band Marah in 2005. It consists of demos from the band's 2002 release, Float Away With the Friday Night Gods
  • Florentino Ameghino Dam, a gravity dam in Chubut Province, Patagonia, Argentina, 140 kilometres (87 mi) west of the city of Trelew. The dam also protects the towns in the lower Chubut River valley from flooding
  • Florentino Ameghino Department, a department of Chubut Province, it is located on the Atlantic coast of Argentina

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