Facetious Folly Feat

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Facetious Folly Feat
Studio album by Shook Ones
Released October 30, 2006
Genre Melodic hardcore
Label Revelation Records
Shook Ones chronology
"Slaughter of the Insole"
Facetious Folly Feat

Facetious Folly Feat is the second full-length album by Shook Ones, released on 30 October 2006 by Revelation Records. The tracks "So Grown Up" and "Slaughter of the Insole" had originally appeared on the "Slaughter of the Insole" 7" and were re-recorded for this album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Carms Race
  2. Pheasant
  3. So Grown Up
  4. First Lunch, Then War
  5. Ebb and Flow
  6. S M R T
  7. Virginia Beach Vanity Plate
  8. The Drop
  9. Slaughter Of The Insole
  10. Ink Pen Shopping Spree
  11. Penn Cove Muscles

Pressing information[edit]

First pressing: 204 on red/yellow 'starburst' vinyl, 303 on brown/yellow split color vinyl, 500 on red vinyl.
East coast tour edition: Different cover with glow in the dark ink on brown/yellow split color vinyl. Only 75 made.