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Faith International University & Seminary
Former names
Faith Evangelical Seminary
Established 1969 (1969)
Nickname Faith Seminary

Faith International University & Seminary is an evangelical Christian college and seminary located in Tacoma, Washington, United States. It features an online degree program. It is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. Though the seminary is a private religious school, it is non-religious-exempt in the State of Washington and is listed as an authorized degree-granting institution by the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board and meets the requirements and minimum educational standards established for degree-granting institutions under the Degree Authorization Act.

The seminary aims to build a community of teachers and students who seek to strengthen their Christian beliefs by exegeting and interpreting Scripture, and who uphold the form of doctrine expressed in orthodox Christianity. It provides instructors and facilities for undergraduate and graduate Christian education. The seminary grants degrees supporting the ministry.

Attendance and faculty[edit]

Faith International University & Seminary has approximately 450 to 500 students. The school employs 34 faculty members plus visiting lecturers and additional administration and staff.

Degree programs[edit]

Faith International University & Seminary offers the following degree programs:

  • Undergraduate programs
    • Bachelor of Arts in Religion (BAR) (with the option of specialty/minor)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) (with the option of specialty/minor)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership (BAL) (with the option of specialty/minor)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Business (BAB) (with the option of specialty/minor)
  • Graduate programs
    • Graduate Certificate in Leadership (GCL)
      • Professional Development Concentration
      • Missional-Church Studies Concentration
      • Life Coaching Concentration
    • Master of Arts in Leadership Ministry (MALM)
      • Interdisciplinary Studies
      • Global Leadership Concentration
      • Christian Counseling Concentration
      • Life Coaching Concentration
    • Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC)
    • Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE)
    • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)
      • Interdisciplinary Studies
      • New Testament Concentration
      • Apologetics Concentration
    • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Doctoral programs
    • Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)
    • Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
      • Strategic Leadership Concentration
      • Christian Apologetics Concentration
      • Expository Communication Concentration


Faith International University & Seminary was founded in 1969 as Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary by Lutherans Alert-National (LAN), an organization committed to biblical inerrancy. In 1968, the LAN was commissioned to investigate possible avenues of proclaiming historic, biblical theology because a significant part of the church was moving toward liberalism. It eventually seemed expedient to recommend the establishment of a seminary committed to the inerrant Word of God. The Rev. Dr. R. H. Redal was called as the first president and the initial classes were held September 23, 1969, in Tacoma, Washington.

Global outreach[edit]

The institution established an educational outreach in the Kingdom of Tonga (South Pacific) in 1992 in conjunction with Polynesian Missions. The institution offers distance education (DVD) courses (augmented by resident teaching in Tonga).

Korean Division[edit]

The institution has a Korean Division for the Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Master of Arts Christian Ministry (Christian Counseling concentration), Master of Arts Theological Studies (Interdisciplinary program), and Master of Divinity programs. Courses are taught in Korean and English and are offered through a local resident program.

Chinese Division[edit]

The institution has a Chinese Division for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership (Professional Development). Courses are taught in Chinese and are offered online and though a local resident program.


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