Fajã da Maria Pereira

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Fajã da Maria Pereira
Debris Field (Fajã)
Country  Portugal
Autonomous Region  Azores
Group Central
Island São Jorge
Municipality Velas
Civil parish Rosais
Coordinates 38°44′8″N 28°14′38″W / 38.73556°N 28.24389°W / 38.73556; -28.24389Coordinates: 38°44′8″N 28°14′38″W / 38.73556°N 28.24389°W / 38.73556; -28.24389
Biomes Temperate, Mediterranean
Geology Alkali basalt, Tephra, Trachyte, Trachybasalt
Orogeny Volcanism
Period Holocene
For public Public
Visitation Accessible by foot, yet restricted during periods of inclimate weather
Easiest access By dirt trail
Geographic detail from Portuguese Army map[1]

The Fajã da Maria Pereira is a permanent debris field, built from the collapsing cliffs on the northern coast of the civil parish of Rosais, in the municipality of Velas, island of São Jorge, in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.

Name after a former property-owner, the fertile lands of this microclimate are today used to support grazing animals and the cultivation of potatoes and other vegetables, in addition to vineyards (primarily during the growing season). Six homes occupy the fajã, supported by a system of cisterns providing potable water, necessary for a local consumption.[citation needed]


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