Falling Off a Clef

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Falling off a Clef
Studio album by Vince Dicola
Released 2004
Genre Electronic

Falling off a Clef (2004) is the first full-length album by Vince Dicola, composer to the music score of The Transformers: The Movie. It is now commercially available to buy the album on the Travis Dickenson website. The album is a selection of pieces from a project Vince and Kenny Meriedeth were approached to work on called Sci-Fighter. A full statement from Vince is posted on the Travis Dickenson website.

Track listing[edit]

(Tracks 3-23 from Sci-Fighter.)

  1. Castle of the Gods Suite
  2. Alien Match
  3. The Exhibition
  4. I'm Going in
  5. Daddy's Home
  6. We Need to Talk
  7. Into the Game
  8. Choose Your Level (excerpt)
  9. Something's Wrong
  10. Look Out!
  11. Defeat the Karate Master
  12. The Monkey Man
  13. King Fu Catfight
  14. Help Your Brother
  15. The Path to the Portal
  16. Dance of the Scorpion Queen
  17. Dream of the Dragon
  18. Rumble Inna Gadda
  19. You're Not My Father
  20. Imaginary Ninjas
  21. Sci-Fighter Suite
  22. The Master Returns
  23. Fallen Angel
  24. FS #7 / Variation on a Theme
  25. A.P.B.
  26. Castle of the Gods (theme variation)