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Fast oil recovery (FOR) are innovative systems which can be built into a new ship or integrated into an old ship facilitating efficient and safe removal of an oil spill from a wrecked ship.

The drastic consequences resulting from an oil spill (damages to marine life) has resulted in an increased demands for ships more prepared to respond to a possible oil accident. There are about 50 million ships in North America and one percent leak oil into the waters. With all of that leaked into the waters it is about 62,000 gallons of recoverable oil spilled into the oceans.[1]

Ships that do not leak oil into the ship's bilge water have installed Fast Oil Recovery Systems (FORS) Their goal is to eliminate all of the oil-contaminated bilge water. Their systems remove 99.9 percent of the oil in a vessel's bilge, and save thousands of dollars. They use these systems instead of absorbent pads and filters because pads and filters are messy, expensive, and require high maintenance.

Oil absorbent pads take in only oil-based liquids, they normally do not absorb water. They are usually dimpled and come in a variety of sizes and colors; such as rolls, mats, or pads.

Many companies like JLMD[2] and Blue Water[3] have started making these systems to help the environment.

Research has shown that during wreckages, groundings, and other crisis situations access to the oil, trapped into the ship, requires complex procedures and technologies. At this point, ship-owners, authorities, salvage companies, and others experience difficulties reaching the tanks, to pump out the remaining pollutants on board the ship. The weakness of the current procedures and the lack of pre-equipment on board of the ship is emphasized. To make matters worse running time becomes an irritating factor. Frequently, many times minor incidents have turned into major incidents due to lack of action. In case of accidents involving wreckage, grounding, or other situations, a FORS saves time and reduces the risks for the ship, the ship owner and the environment.


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