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Feilian (simplified Chinese: 飞廉; traditional Chinese: 飛廉), also known as Xie Feng[1] is the Chinese god of the wind. He is a winged dragon[2] with the head of a deer and the tail of a snake.[2][3] He carries wind with him in a bag[4] and stirs up trouble. Feilian is kept in check by Houyi, the heavenly archer.[3] He assists Chiyou in a fight against the Yellow Emperor[2]

According to Dèng Xiǎohuā (鄧皢花), Fēilián (OC: ZS *pɯl-ɡ·rem; BS *Cə.pə[r]*(k-)[r]em), glossed in Shiji as "ill wind" 疾風 (pinyin: jí-fēng), might be a dialectal variant of (OC: 'ZS *plum; BS *prəm) "wind".[5]


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