Fejervarya andamanensis

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Andaman Frog
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Dicroglossidae
Genus: Fejervarya
Species: F. andamanensis
Binomial name
Fejervarya andamanensis
(Stoliczka, 1870)[2]
  • Rana gracilis var. andamanensis Stoliczka, 1870
  • Rana limnocharis andamanensis Annandale, 1917
  • Rana (Fejervarya) andamanensis Dubois, 1984
  • Euphlyctis limnocharis andamanensis Poynton and Broadley, 1985
  • Limnonectes (Fejervarya) andamanensis Dubois, 1987

The Andaman frog, chestnut-brown frog, or Andaman wart frog (Fejervarya andamanensis)[3] is a species of frog only found in the Andaman Islands, India.[1][2] It has been regarded as a synonym of Limnonectes limnocharis, but is now considered a valid species. A related, unnamed species exists in western Thailand.[2]


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