Ferdinand Dümmler

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Ferdinand Dümmler (1859-1896)

Georg Ferdinand Dümmler (February 10, 1859 – November 15, 1896) was a German classical philologist and archaeologist born in Halle an der Saale. He was the son of historian Ernst Ludwig Dümmler (1830-1902).

He was a student at the Universities of Halle, Strassburg and Bonn. At Strassburg, he studied under Adolf Michaelis (1835-1910), and in Bonn, he had as instructors Franz Bücheler (1837-1908), Hermann Usener (1834-1905) and Reinhard Kekulé von Stradonitz (1839-1911). In 1882 he received his doctorate with a thesis on the philosopher Antisthenes.

Following graduation, he undertook archaeological research excursions through Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the Aegean Islands. From 1887 to 1890, he was a lecturer at the University of Giessen, and afterwards was a professor of philology and archaeology at the University of Basel.

Dümmler died of an illness in Basel on November 15, 1896 at the age of 37.