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Fetch the Vet
Created by Gail Penston
Stephen Thraves
Developed by London Weekend Television
Written by Colin Davies
Andrew Brenner
Stephen Thraves
Directed by Chris Taylor
Starring John Gordon Sinclair
Floella Benjamin
David Holt
Janet James
Sophie Aldred
Composer(s) Phil Bush
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Mark Hall
Oliver Ellis
Producer(s) Chris Bowden
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) Cosgrove Hall Films
Original network CITV
Audio format Dolby Surround
Original release 18 September 2000 – 23 December 2001

Fetch the Vet is a British children's television programme created by Gail Penston and Stephen Thraves. 26 episodes were produced by Cosgrove Hall Films, Flextech Television, Itel and London Weekend Television for ITV's children's strand CITV, and it originally aired between 2000 and 2001. The show circulated around Tom Fetch who lived in the countryside working as a vet and was respected by everyone because of his duties to help cure sick or injured animals.

List of episodes[edit]

Series 1[edit]

# Title Air Date
1 "A Busy Day for Fetch" 18 September 2000 (18 September 2000)
Mitch the sheepdog has an ear infection and has to have an Elizabethan collar fitted, but when Trevor the goat finds himself dangling precariously over a cliff in a broken fence, Mitch "fetches the vet," and Fetch has a dangerous rescue operation to perform.
2 "Poor Mitch" 25 September 2000 (25 September 2000)
Fetch is judging the village's pet show when he is called away to the farm to attend to Mitch, who has been stung by a bee. When they return to the show, Violet Blush's cats are causing havoc and Mitch has to restore order.
3 "Froggatt in a Flap" 2 October 2000 (2 October 2000)
Lionel Froggatt's shop is due for an inspection by Fetch, but luckily, he is called away to an emergency on the duck pond and a crisis is averted.
4 "Carrots" 9 October 2000 (9 October 2000)
Fetch is at Whitecliff Farm and is having trouble with his car. There seems to be something stuck in the engine - and Trevor the goat has something stuck in his throat.
5 "Football Crazy" 16 October 2000 (16 October 2000)
It is the day of the big match, but Lionel Froggatt's television is broken. Iggy the iguana is a big football fan and very disappointed that he'll miss the game. But there may be a chance of Iggy watching the game with Fetch, with a little help from Joe's sports bag...
6 "Where's Fetch?" 23 October 2000 (23 October 2000)
The first of the new lambs are due to be born, and Fetch and George take a bet on when they will arrive. The ewes, Mandy and Betty, however, hold a couple of surprises in store for Fetch and George.
7 "Something's in the Air" 30 October 2000 (30 October 2000)
It is a beautiful day, and Fetch hopes for the afternoon off. Unfortunately, George sprains his ankle, and Fetch soon finds himself helping out with the sheep. An unexpected thunderstorm doesn't help, especially when it frightens poor old Trevor the goat, who runs off into all sorts of danger.
8 "The Duckhurst Monster" 6 November 2000 (6 November 2000)
Duckhurst is in line to win the Best Kept Village competition for the second time running. All is going well until Iggy the Iguana escapes from the pet shop and hides in the village pond. Fetch has his work cut out trying to rescue Iggy before the judges arrive. Just his luck that one of them is scared silly by iguanas!
9 "Heat Wave" 13 November 2000 (13 November 2000)
It's a blisteringly hot day, and Trevor the goat is refusing to have his hooves clipped. The naughty goat escapes from Fetch's surgery and runs away to hide on the village green. When children Pippa, Joe and Lucy finally find him, it seems that the heat wave has made him poorly. Fetch needs a way to cool him down. Perhaps this is a job for Joe's mega-drencher water pistol?
10 "Parrot for Sale" 20 November 2000 (20 November 2000)
Lionel Froggatt, the pet shop owner, has finally decided to sell Columbus, his peevish parrot. The children are so upset at the prospect of never seeing Columbus again that they hatch a crazy plan to make Lionel keep him. Now if only they can convince Fetch to dress up as a parrot-hunting Hollywood movie director...
11 "Catch the Goat" 27 November 2000 (27 November 2000)
When Fetch finds Trevor wandering along the country lanes he has to bring him back to the surgery for the day. Trevor is soon up to mischief, and Kara, Fetch's nurse, thinks he might be happier in the fresh air. So that he won't run away, she ties him to a park bench, but the naughty goat wanders off again, taking the bench with him! Fetch and Kara look high and low, but they can't find Trevor anywhere. Where can he be?
12 "Violet Has an Accident" 4 December 2000 (4 December 2000)
Trevor the goat is in Violet's bad books when he eats her dress, but when she becomes lost, he gets a chance to help her.
13 "Mitch the Hero" 11 December 2000 (11 December 2000)
Mitch is in charge of the farm when he sees that a lamb has fallen over the cliff, and he gets some help from Fetch to rescue the animal.

Series 2[edit]

# Title Air Date
1 "The Cat Burglar" 18 May 2001 (18 May 2001)
Violet's cats escape from the surgery on the very day that the local paper carries a warning about a cat thief who has been seen in the area.

Series 3[edit]

# Title Air Date
1 "Snakes and Ladders" 30 September 2001 (30 September 2001)
Trevor the goat gets bitten by a snake.
2 "Fetch the Babysitter" 7 October 2001 (7 October 2001)
Fetch volunteers to look after Lionel's parrot for a night, but he has more trouble than he thought trying to get it to go to sleep.
3 "Violet Takes Over" 21 October 2001 (21 October 2001)
Kara is sent home with a cold, and Violet offers to take over.
4 "Columbus' Travels" 28 October 2001 (28 October 2001)
While on their way to a lecture about parrots, Columbus the pet shop parrot escapes from Fetch's car, causing trouble for Violet Blush in the process.
5 "Lionel's New Friend" 4 November 2001 (4 November 2001)
A joke with a trick spider goes awry when a real spider becomes involved.
6 "Iggy Gets Fit" 11 November 2001 (11 November 2001)
Iggy the iguana has become overweight, so Fetch recommends that Iggy start getting daily exercises.
7 "Fetch on TV" 18 November 2001 (18 November 2001)
Fetch and the villagers are going to be featured on the TV show "Village Vet," hosted by Ralph Morris (voiced by Rolf Harris). However, Ralph's encounters with the village animals do not go according to plan!
8 "Don't Tell Fetch" 25 November 2001 (25 November 2001)
It's Bonfire night, and everyone is out on the Green to enjoy the fireworks, but Violet's naughty cats get trapped under the unlit bonfire. Will someone realize in time?
9 "Emergency for Kara" 2 December 2001 (2 December 2001)
Mitch the sheepdog heroically rescues Kara's dog when it falls in an icy pond, but the effort proves to be too much for him.
10 "Blizzard" 9 December 2001 (9 December 2001)
A blizzard causes Violet and Fetch to get stuck in the snow, and at Whitecliff Farm, Mitch and Pippa go out to find a lamb that has gone missing.
11 "Surprise the Vet" 16 December 2001 (16 December 2001)
Kara and the villagers try to keep Fetch busy while they prepare a surprise for him.
12 "Happy Christmas, Duckhurst!" 23 December 2001 (23 December 2001)
Violet pays Lionel a visit on Christmas morning, and Fetch has to operate on Columbus the parrot.

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