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FG, fg, or Fg may refer to:

Arts and media[edit]

  • "Fagotti" (fg.) in orchestra scores, Italian for bassoon, (see The dictionary definition of fagotti at Wiktionary)
  • Family Guy, animated television series
  • FG DJ Radio, a French language radio station playing mostly house music



Science and technology[edit]

  • The type of gunpowder used for large bore rifles and shotguns. Fg retained on 14 wires per inch.
  • Fg, abbreviation used in physics for the force exerted by gravitation.
  • fg (Unix), a computer command to resume a suspended process.
  • Goodyear FG, a fighter aircraft.
  • Femtogram (fg), a unit of mass.
  • Fiberglass, a material that includes fine fibers of glass.
  • Fixed-gear, a bicycle without the ability to coast.
  • FlightGear, a free home computer flight simulator.
  • Functional grammar (disambiguation), grammar models and theories for natural languages.