Fieldy's Dreams

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Fieldy's Dreams
Reginald Fieldy Arvizu of Korn.jpg
Background information
Instruments Bass, vocals
Years active 2000-2002

Fieldy's Dreams is the rap project by Korn's bass guitarist, Fieldy. His first album, the gangsta rap album Rock'n Roll Gangster, was released on 22 January 2002. Most of the lyrics and music were by Fieldy himself, with Polar Bear (of Infinite Mass) helping out with the rest.[citation needed]

Fieldy renamed his project "Fieldy's Nightmare" and was due to release a 2008 album, Sobriety, but recording was put on hold to focus on work with Korn. Fieldy says that this new album will not be gangster rap but a bass instrumental album with a funk/jazz fusion.[1]

The Fieldy's Dreams song, "Baby Hugh Hef," was named the #10 "50 Worst Songs of the '00s" in a 2009 Village Voice article. [2]