Barnhart Brothers & Spindler

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Barnhart Brothers & Spindler Type Foundry
Industry Type foundry
Founded Chicago, Illinois, United States, 1873
Defunct 1933
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, United States
Key people
Oswald Cooper, Will Ransom, Robert Wiebking, Sidney Gaunt

Barnhart Brothers & Spindler Type Foundry was founded as the Great Western Type Foundry in 1873. It became Barnhart Brothers & Spindler ten years later. It was a successful foundry known for innovative type design and well designed type catalogs. Oz Cooper, Will Ransom, Robert Wiebking, and Sidney Gaunt all designed for BB&S. It was bought out by American Type Founders in 1911 with the proviso that the merger would not take effect for twenty years, so that the employees would have a chance to find new work or retire over time. The foundry was finally closed in 1933.

Mergers and Acquisitions[edit]


These foundry types were originally cast by Barnhart Brothers & Spindler:[1]


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