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Original file(SVG file, nominally 512 × 816 pixels, file size: 1.84 MB)


English: Interactive SVG by CMG Lee of the Leonardo da Vinci monument in Milan. Move left and right over the SVG image to rotate the 3D view.
Source Own work
Author Cmglee
Other versions Derivative works of this file:  Monumento a Leonardo da Vinci a Milano.svg

#!/usr/bin/env python
import re, json

import subprocess, sys
def system(command, is_verbose=False):
 if (is_verbose): sys.stdout.write(command) ## write omits newline
 stdout = str(subprocess.check_output(command, shell=True))
 if (is_verbose): print(": " + stdout)
 return stdout

import os.path ## to check if file exists
def mkdir_cache(is_refresh_cache=False, is_verbose=False, suffix='.cache/'):
 basename = __file__[:__file__.rfind('.')]
 dir_cache = basename + suffix
 if (is_refresh_cache):
  for (dir, dirs, filenames) in os.walk(dir_cache, topdown=False): os.rmdir(dir)
  if (is_verbose): print("delete {dir_cache}".format(**locals()))
 if (not os.path.exists(dir_cache)):
  if (is_verbose): print("make {dir_cache}".format(**locals()))
 elif (is_verbose): print("{dir_cache} already exists".format(**locals()))
 return dir_cache

try: import urllib2 ## for web access
except ImportError: import urllib.request as urllib2
import time ## for sleep
def read_webpage(url, path_cache='', is_refresh_cache=False, is_verbose=False):
 dir_cache = mkdir_cache(is_refresh_cache=is_refresh_cache, is_verbose=is_verbose)
 if (not path_cache): path_cache = dir_cache + urllib2.quote(url, safe='')
 if (is_refresh_cache or (not os.path.isfile(path_cache))):
  html = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
  file_html = open(path_cache, 'wb')
  if (is_verbose): print("fetch {url} into {path_cache}".format(**locals()))
  time.sleep(1) ## avoid rate-limit-exceeded error
  file_html = open(path_cache, 'rb')
  html =
  if (is_verbose): print("read from {path_cache}".format(**locals()))
 return html

import base64
def base64_encode(path):
 with open(path, 'rb') as file: return base64.b64encode('ascii')

def make_svg(url, increment, message_action):
 if (message_action == '3D'  ): message_action = 'to rotate the 3D view'
 if (message_action == 'time'): message_action = 'to move through time'
 dir_cache   = mkdir_cache()
 filename    = url[url.rfind('/')+1:]
 if (url.find('://') > 0): ## assume URLs have "://" and folder paths don't
  is_folder = False
  dir_frame = dir_cache
  ## Get image URL if description page URL given
  if (filename.lower().find('file:') == 0):
   filename  = filename[filename.rfind(':') + 1:]
   path_html = '{dir_cache}{filename}.htm'.format(**locals())
   html      = read_webpage(url, path_html, is_verbose=True)
   url       = 'http:' +'//upload\.[^"]+' + filename, html).group(0)
  ## Fetch image if needed
  basename      = filename[:filename.rfind('.')]
  path_gif      = dir_cache + filename
  path_basename = path_gif[:path_gif.rfind('.')]
  read_webpage(url, path_gif, is_verbose=True)
  ## Extract GIF animation frames if needed
  if (os.path.isfile('{dir_cache}{basename}-0.png'.format(**locals()))):
   print("skip extracting GIF animation frames")
   print("extract GIF animation frames")
   system('magick "{path_gif}" -coalesce "{path_basename}.png"'.format(**locals()), is_verbose=True)
  is_folder = True
  dir_frame = url.strip('/') + '/'
  basename  = url[url.strip('/').rfind('/')+1:]

 ## Base64-encode frames if needed
 path_json    = dir_cache + basename + '.json'
 jsons        = {}
 n_image      = 0
 n_frame      = 0
 if (0):
 # if (os.path.isfile(path_json)):
  file_json    = open(path_json, 'r')
  jsons        = json.loads(
  n_frame      = jsons['n_frame']
  out_image    = jsons['out_image']
  width_image  = jsons['width_image']
  height_image = jsons['height_image']
  ## Count frames
  n_image = 0
  if (is_folder):
   path_images = ['{dir_frame}{filename}'.format(**locals()) for filename in os.listdir(dir_frame)]
   path_images = ['{dir_frame}{path}'.format(**locals()) for path in os.listdir(dir_frame) if path.find(basename) == 0 and path[-3:] == 'png']
  # Natural sort based on
  path_images = sorted(path_images, key=lambda x:[int(c) if c.isdigit() else c for c in re.split('(\d+)', x)])
  n_image = len(path_images)
  ## Base64-encode relevant frames
  n_frame    = int(n_image / abs(increment))
  out_images = []
  for i_frame in range(n_frame):
   i_image    = i_frame * increment + (0 if (increment > 0) else n_image + increment)
   path_frame = path_images[i_image]
   stdout     = system('magick "{path_frame}" info:'.format(**locals()), is_verbose=True)
   (width_image, height_image) = [int(dim) for dim in'\d+x\d+', stdout).group(0).split('x')]
   base64_encoded = base64_encode(path_frame)
  <image id="image_{i_frame}" x="0" y="0" width="{width_image}" height="{height_image}" xlink:href="data:image/png;base64,{base64_encoded}"/>\
  out_image = '\n'.join(out_images)
  jsons     = {'out_image':out_image, 'width_image' :width_image,
               'n_frame'  :n_frame  , 'height_image':height_image}
  file_json = open(path_json, 'w')
  try: ## use try/finally so that file is closed even if write fails
   file_json.write(json.dumps(jsons, indent=1, separators=(',',':')))
 ## Create SVG
 out_mains = []
 scale_thumbnail = round(1.0 / n_frame, 5)
 height_trigger  = int(height_image * (scale_thumbnail + 1) + 0.5)
 width_trigger   = round(width_image * scale_thumbnail, 2)
 width_thumbnail = int(width_trigger + 0.9999)
 for i_frame in range(n_frame):
  x_trigger = round(i_frame * width_trigger, 2)
  <g class="frame">
   <g class="content">
    <use xlink:href="#image_{i_frame}"/>
   <g class="trigger" transform="translate({x_trigger},{height_image})">
    <use xlink:href="#image_{i_frame}" transform="scale({scale_thumbnail})"/>
    <use xlink:href="#triggers"/>
   <!-- <title>frame {i_frame}</title> -->
 out_main         = '\n'.join(out_mains)
 title            = basename.replace('_', ' ')
 stroke_width     = max(width_image, height_image) / 200
 font_size        = width_image  / 20
 x_help           = width_image  / 2
 y_help           = height_image / 2
 height_thumbnail = height_image * scale_thumbnail - stroke_width / 2
 width_images     = [width_image * multiple for multiple in range(99)]
 ## Compile everything into an .svg file
 file_out = open(basename + '.svg', 'w')
 try: ## use try/finally so that file is closed even if write fails
  print("write SVG")
  out_title = url.replace('_', ' ') if (is_folder) else 'GIF animation at {url} .'.format(**locals())
  file_out.write('''<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 {width_image} {height_trigger}">
 <desc>Interactive SVG by CMG Lee of the {out_title}. Move left and right over the SVG image {message_action}.</desc>
 <style type="text/css">
  #main {{ font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size:{font_size}px; text-anchor:middle;
           stroke-width:{stroke_width}; fill:#000000; }}
  #trigger              {{ stroke:none; fill-opacity:0; }}
  .frame       .content {{ visibility:hidden; pointer-events:none; fill:#000000; }}
  .frame       .trigger {{ opacity:0.5; cursor:ew-resize; }}
  .frame:hover .content {{ visibility:visible; }}
  .frame:hover .trigger {{ opacity:1; pointer-events:auto; font-weight:bold; stroke:#ff0000; }}
  <g id="help">
   <text x="{x_help}" y="{y_help}" dy="-1ex">Move left and right</text>
   <text x="{x_help}" y="{y_help}" dy="1ex">{message_action}</text>
  <rect id="trigger" x="0" y="-4999" width="{width_thumbnail}" height="9999"/>
  <g id="triggers">
   <rect x="0" y="0" width="{width_thumbnail}" height="{height_thumbnail}" fill="none"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate(-{width_images[1]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate( {width_images[1]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate(-{width_images[2]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate( {width_images[2]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate(-{width_images[3]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate( {width_images[3]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate(-{width_images[4]},0)"/>
   <use xlink:href="#trigger" transform="translate( {width_images[4]},0)"/>
 <g id="main">
  <circle cx="0" cy="0" r="9999" fill="#ffffff"/>
  <use xlink:href="#image_0" opacity="0.5"/>
  <use xlink:href="#help" stroke-opacity="0.5" stroke="#ffffff"/>
  <use xlink:href="#help"/>
  <g id="frames">

n_argv = len(sys.argv)
if (n_argv < 2):
 print(("{sys.argv[0]} <URL of GIF animation file or path to folder>\n" +
        " [<use every nth GIF frame; negative reverses order> (default: 1)]\n" +
        " [<action message or '3D' (default) or 'time'>]")
 make_svg(    sys.argv[1],
          int(sys.argv[2]) if (n_argv > 2) else 1,
              sys.argv[3]  if (n_argv > 3) else '3D')


I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following licenses:
w:en:Creative Commons

attribution share alike

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
You are free:
  • to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to remix – to adapt the work
Under the following conditions:
  • attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • share alike – If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same or compatible license as the original.

GNU head Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.
You may select the license of your choice.

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