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Single by Pet Shop Boys
from the album PopArt
B-side "I Didn't Get Where I Am Today"
Released 29 March 2004
Format 12", CD
Recorded 3 November (added lyrics)
Genre Electropop, synthpop, dance-pop
Length 3:50 (album version)
3:40 (single mix)
Label Parlophone
Songwriter(s) Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe
Producer(s) Pet Shop Boys, Felix Gauder, Stuart Crichton, Tomcraft
Pet Shop Boys singles chronology
"I'm with Stupid"

"I'm with Stupid"

"Flamboyant" is a single by Pet Shop Boys, released in 2004. It was the second single and one of two new songs from their 2003 singles compilation, PopArt.

It peaked at number 12 in UK.

The B-side is "I didn't get where I am today", which features Johnny Marr on guitars. The single cover art contains the song title and the duo's name in katakana; "Flamboyant Pet Shop Boys" (フランボヤント ペット・ショップ・ボーイズ, Furamboyanto Petto Shoppu Bōizu).

The song is featured in the Level 1 ski film Turbo.

The song was remixed for single release. The original album version features as an extended mix (Tomcraft Extended Mix).

Track listings[edit]

2-track CD[edit]

  1. "Flamboyant" (single mix)
  2. "I Didn't Get Where I Am Today"

Enhanced CD[edit]

  1. "Flamboyant" (Tomcraft extended mix)
  2. "Flamboyant" (Scissor Sisters silhouettes & shadows mix)
  3. "Flamboyant" (DJ Hell remix)
  4. "Flamboyant" (demo version)
  5. "Flamboyant" (Enhanced video)

Music video[edit]

The "Flamboyant" promotional music video was directed by Nico Beyer. Heavily based on aspects of Japanese popular culture, it tells the story of a Japanese office worker who aspires to appear on television variety show Kasou Taishou where guests perform silly stunts. He envisions a billiards-based routine, where he and others portray living balls on an enormous pool table. At the beginning of the video, scenes are of his unsupportive environment; his wife is annoyed at him, his manager scolds him for reading a billiards magazine at work, and his coworkers tease him at lunch. At the end of the video however, he and his team perform their routine successfully on the show and win top ranking. The story footage is intercut with fake Japanese-style television commercials where the Pet Shop Boys offer various products such as an automatic ironing machine and a car called Boxy (Nissan Micra).

The video was finally released on DVD on the documentary A Life in Pop, although the disc does not mention the video's inclusion. Some territories, like Canada, do not feature the video.

Chart positions[edit]

Chart positions Peak
Belgian (Wallonia) Singles Chart 13
Danish Singles Chart 13
French Singles Chart 81
German Singles Chart 43
Hungarian Single Top 40 5
Irish Singles Chart 13
Romanian Top 100 83
Swedish Singles Chart 43
UK Singles Chart 12

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