Flannel Pajamas

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Flannel Pajamas
Directed by Jeff Lipsky
Produced by Jonathan Gray
Written by Jeff Lipsky
Starring Justin Kirk
Julianne Nicholson
Rebecca Schull
Jamie Harrold
Distributed by Gigantic Pictures
Release date
November 2006 (USA)
Running time
124 min.
Language English
Budget US$470,000

Flannel Pajamas is a 2006 film directed by Jeff Lipsky, starring Julianne Nicholson and Justin Kirk. It charts the course of a short-lived marriage, from its passionate beginning through the daily erosion of feeling and romance to separation. Filmed in New York City, NY, Rockland County, NY, and Chester Springs, PA[1] with a budget of just under $500,000,[2] it was shown at Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for a Grand Jury prize.[3] It later opened in several large cities across the country, including New York City, where it received a mixed, though admiring, review from the New York Times,[4] and San Francisco, where it received a similar review from the Chronicle.[5]

Lipsky, the director, got his start as a distributor of independent films such as John Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence,[6] and some reviewers noted Cassavetes' influence on this film.[7] Entertainment Today and the New York Observer both picked it as one of the best films of the year.[8] Roger Ebert called it "one of the wisest films I can remember about love and human intimacy. It is a film of integrity and truth, acted fearlessly, written and directed with quiet, implacable skill."[9]