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Fleischman and Fleischmann are common family names which mean "butcher" in German. Other names which have the same meaning include Fleischer, Boucher, Metzger and Resnick. Names with similar or derivative meanings include Schechter and Schlechter.


Fleischmann is the surname of:


  • Adam Fleischman (born 1970s), restaurateur and founder of American hamburger chain
  • Edwin A. Fleishman (born 1927), American psychologist best known for his work in industrial and organizational psychology
  • Elizabeth Fleischman (1867–1905), American X-ray pioneer; first woman to die as a result of her work with X-rays
  • Joel Fleischman, a fictional central character of the television series Northern Exposure
  • Paul Fleischman (born 1952), American children's author
  • Sid Fleischman (1920–2010), children's book and film writer


Other uses[edit]