Flender Werke

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Flender Werke AG
Industry Shipbuilding
Fate Bankrupt
Founded 1917
Defunct 2002
Headquarters Lübeck, Germany
Products Merchant ships
Number of employees

Flender Werke was a German shipbuilding company, located in Lübeck.[1] It was founded in 1917 as a branch of Brückenbau Flender AG of Benrath on the Rhine. In 1926 it was made a fully independent business and renamed Lübecker Flenderwerke AG. It went on to become one of the largest shipyards in Germany, building nearly 700 ships in all.[2]

During World War II, Flender Werke built 2 Type II and 40 Type VII U-boats for the Kriegsmarine.[3]

After the war, Flender Werke continued to build merchant ships, and in 1973 were renamed Flender Werft AG. In 2002 they were forced to close because of insolvency.


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