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Fleshquartet (Swedish: Fläskkvartetten) is a Swedish band. Despite the band's name, Fläskkvartetten is in reality a quintet consisting of an electrical string quartet plus a percussionist. The band often collaborates with vocalists who comprise a veritable Who's Who of Swedish alternative music. The musical style ranges from classical string music to experimental rock.

Fläskkvartetten won a Grammis award for best album with their 1993 album "Flow".

The name is inspired by classical ensemble Freskkvartetten, but was modified to "Fläskkvartetten" after Joakim Thåström shouted "Fläska på" (Get moving/Hurry up) to the members whilst recording a new song.

Fläskkvartetten has provided incidental music for the Swedish television series Wallander.


Former members[edit]


  • Meat Beat (1987)
  • What's Your Pleasure? (1988)
  • Goodbye Sweden (1990)
  • Fläskkvartetten (1992)
  • Flow (1993)
  • Pärlor från svin (1995)
  • Fire Fire (1996)
  • Jag gör vad som helst för lite solsken (1998)
  • Love Go (2000)
  • Pärlor från svin 2 (2002)
  • Vita Droppar (2003)
  • Voices of Eden (2007)

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