Fontaine (Charleroi Metro)

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Metro Charleroi - Fontaine station outside.JPG
Coordinates 50°24′24″N 4°19′37″E / 50.40667°N 4.32694°E / 50.40667; 4.32694Coordinates: 50°24′24″N 4°19′37″E / 50.40667°N 4.32694°E / 50.40667; 4.32694
Platforms Central
Tracks 2
Platform levels 1
Parking No
Opened 22 August 1992
Preceding station   Charleroi Metro   Following station
toward Sud
Line M1
toward Anderlues
toward Sud
Line M2
toward Anderlues

Fontaine is a Charleroi Metro station, located in Fontaine-l'Évêque, in fare zone 7. It is an underground station featuring a central platform with street access at its western end.

The station has been refurbished in 2009-2010 and its current version was inaugurated on 16 June 2010.[1] The interior decoration, made of colored castle-like shapes on a white background, is a work of architect Ingrid Lange.

Nearby points of interest[edit]

The station is located in the center of Fontaine-l'Évêque.


TEC Charleroi bus lines 63 and 173.


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