Food Safety Promotion Board

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The Food Safety Promotion Board (Irish: An Bord um Chur Chun Cinn Sabháilteachta Bia;[1] Ulster-Scots: Tha Mait Safétie Fordèrin Boord[2] or The Meat Sauftie Forder Buird),[3] trading as safefood, is the body responsible for the promotion of food safety in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is one of the six originally planned cross-border (all Ireland) bodies set up following the Good Friday Agreement.

Its functions, as proscribed in law (British Irish Agreement Act 1999, annex I, part 2),[4] are:

  • Promotion of food safety
  • Research into food safety
  • Communication of food alerts
  • Surveillance of foodborne disease
  • Promotion of scientific co-operation and laboratory linkages
  • Development of cost-effective facilities for specialised laboratory testing.


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