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Literally, a footprint is an impression left by a foot or shoe.

Footprint or Footprints may also refer to:

Science and technology[edit]

  • Memory footprint, the amount of main memory that a computer program uses or references while running
  • Ichnite, a fossilized footprint
  • In industrial design
  • In business and economics, figuratively: the scale of distribution of industrial output
  • Footprint (satellite), the area of the Earth's surface from which a satellite's signals can be received
  • Footprint (electronics), the layout of electronic connections on a printed circuit board
  • Ecological footprint: the environmental impact of a human activity, machine, etc.
    • Carbon footprint: the carbon dioxide released by a human activity into the atmosphere
  • Footprinting: the technique of gathering information about computer systems
  • Tent footprint or groundsheet protector, the separate flat groundsheet which goes underneath the main groundsheet of a tent


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