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The Four Stages or Four Levels are from the Traditional Chinese medicine book Discussion of Warm Diseases by Ye Tianshi,[1][2] who lived from 1667-1746.

The stages, in order, range from surface (or "light") sickness to internal (or "deep") death.

Wei level[edit]

  • This level is treated by releasing the exterior (diaphoresis)
    • Wind-heat
    • Summer-heat
    • Damp-heat
    • Dry-heat

Qi level[edit]

  • The Qi is treated by dispelling heat and promoting body fluids
    • Lung heat (heat in chest and diaphragm)
    • Stomach heat
    • Intestines dry-heat
    • Gall-bladder heat (heat in the lesser yang)
    • Stomach and Spleen damp heat

Ying level[edit]

  • Ying (Nutritive qi) is treated by cooling fire and tonifing the yin
    • Heat in Nutritive qi portion
    • Heat in Pericardium

Blood level[edit]

  • The Blood level treated by tonifing the yin and qi and stopping bleeding.
    • Heat Victorious moves blood
    • Heat victorious stirs wind
    • Empty wind agitates in the interior
    • Collapse of yin
    • Collapse of yang
    • Separation of yin and yang (Death)


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