Francis IV of Beauharnais

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Francis IV of Beauharnais
Spouse(s) Marguerite Françoise Pivart de Chastullé
Noble family House of Beauharnais
Father Jean de Beauharnais
Mother Marie Mallet
Born 1630
Died 1681

Francis IV of Beauharnais (1630 in Orléans – 1681 in Orléans), squire, sieur of la Grillère (at Vouzon, Loir-et-Cher) and sieur de la Boische, was a French nobleman. His father was Jean de Beauharnais (1606–1661), maître d'Hôtel ordinaire du roi (one of the seven children of Anne Brachet and her husband Francis II of Beauharnais). His mother was Marie Mallet, and he had 2 siblings.

In 1663 he married Marguerite Françoise Pivart de Chastullé - among their 14 children was the politician Claude de Beauharnais (1680–1738). Francis IV of Beauharnais was one of the great-grandfathers of the family Eslandoost de Beauville.