Freestyle Street Soccer

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Freestyle Street Soccer
Freestyle Street Soccer Xbox.jpg
North American cover art for Xbox
Developer(s) Silicon Dreams
Publisher(s) Acclaim
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube
Release Windows
  • PAL: February 6, 2004
PlayStation 2
  • PAL: February 13, 2004
  • PAL: February 13, 2004
  • NA: March 25, 2004
  • PAL: March 5, 2004
  • NA: March 25, 2004
Genre(s) Sports game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Freestyle Street Soccer is a sports video game released in 2004 by Silicon Dreams. It is also known as Urban Freestyle Soccer in Europe.


Urban Freestyle Soccer provides the player(s) with hours of twisted, unrealistic freestyle football/soccer. The players pick their team(s), depending on whether they're playing against the AI or another player, and play exciting and adrenaline rush filled matches.


Urban Freestyle Soccer is rather simple to play, as most sport-typed video games are. The player navigates his teammates via keyboard or controller/joypad, passing the ball, dribbling the opponents, and even playing dirty here and there. The player can clash at opposing teammates, knocking them down with kicks and punches, and can also use the objects from the environment of the playing field to throw at the opponents (like trash cans).

The game itself offers a number of types of games to play, from classical Freestyle matches up to the rather longer Street Challenge mode. The Turf Wars mode offers a player to pick a team (if you are playing for the first time, you'll be able to choose between the Skater Boys, Hardcore Honeys, Shakedown or Tagging Crew), and begin a "Turf War", challenging other teams into playing on their home pitches. Each team has a specific, personally themed playing area (from obvious things like a skate park to warehouses, highschool pitches etc.). After each game is finished, depending on the outcome of it, the player obtains a certain number of skill points, which they can use the improve the statistics of their own team. The "campaign" here is partially linear, giving the player options on which location/turf they will "attack" by using a map of the city. After defeating all of the "rival gangs" the Home Turf mode will become active. In this mode, the player is tasked with exactly the opposite of the Turf Wars mode. Here, the opposing teams keep attacking your own turf, and you are tasked to defend it by winning matches on it (your home turf). However, if you lose at any point during the Home Turf mode, you will have to start over from scratch again, unlike the Turf Wars mode where a defeat would just push you back from the turf of the opponent that defeated you. Once the Home Turf is completed, the final Street Challenge mode is unlocked, where a player plays through a league, combining points via scored goals, numbers of victories etc. The VS Mode & Freestyle are simple, one on one matches.


There are a total of 10 teams in the game. This includes the:

Skater Boys a team composed of, obviously, skaters. Home turf: Skate Park; Music style: Grunge; Nationality: British; Team leader: Yanis;

Hardcore Honeys the only team composed of girls. Home turf: High school pitch; Music style: R&B; Nationality: African-American; Team leader: Heaven;

Tagging Crew a team composed of graffiti artists. Home turf: Graffiti park; Music style: U.K. Garage; Nationality: British; Team leader: JJ;

Shakedown a team composed of the stereotypical "ghetto boys from the hood". Home turf: Pitch in the "bad" side of town; Music style: Gangsta rap; Nationality: African-American; Team leader: Tyrone;

BMX Crew a team composed of BMX riders. Home turf: BMX park; Music style: Nu metal; Nationality: American; Team leader: Karl;

Offensive Behaviour a team composed of hardcore, aggressive men. Home turf: Warehouse; Music Style: Alternative rock; Nationality: British; Team leader: Hammer;