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Frenchie or Frenchy may refer to:


  • A person from France, or a French Canadian, often a derogatory term
  • Frenchie (rapper), from Queens, New York and one of the original members of Brick Squad.
  • Angelique Morgan, a reality TV star and ex-adult film star, best known for her VH1 appearances
  • Frenchie, Francois Allegre of Raggasonic band
  • Frenchy Bordagaray (1910–2000), American Major League Baseball player
  • John Boulos (1921-2002), Haitian-American soccer player
  • Ovila Cayer (1844-1909), American Civil War Union Army soldier from Quebec, Canada, and recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Percy Creuzot (1924-2010), founder of Frenchy's Chicken, a restaurant chain in Houston
  • Frenchie Davis (born 1979), American Broadway performer and soul, dance/electronica, and pop singer
  • Jeff Francoeur (born 1984), American Major League Baseball player
  • John Fuqua (born 1946), American former National Football League player
  • Alphonse Lacroix (1897-1973), American ice hockey goaltender, member of the 1924 US Olympic team
  • George LeClair (1886-1918), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Réal Lemieux (1945-1975), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Fred Mader (1883-?), American labor leader and mobster
  • Claude Raymond (baseball) (born 1937), professional baseball player
  • Frenchy Uhalt (1910–2004), Major League Baseball outfielder

Ring names[edit]

  • Frenchy Martin, ring name of Jean Gagné, French Canadian retired professional wrestler and manager

Fictional characters[edit]


  • Frenchie, a 1950 American film
  • Frenchie (dog), a nickname for the French Bulldog breed of dog
  • frenchy , the act of hitting a tree in golf yet ending up on the fairway.

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