Friedrich Heusler

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Friedrich Heusler
Born February 1, 1866
Dillenburg, Germany
Died 1947
Residence Flag of Germany.svg Germany
Nationality Flag of Germany.svg German
Fields inorganic chemistry
Institutions University of Göttingen,
Isabellenhütte Heusler
Alma mater University of Berlin,
University of Bonn

Friedrich Heusler (1866 in Dillenburg – 1947) was a German mining engineer and chemist. He discovered a special group of intermetallics now known as Heusler phases, which are ferromagnetic though the constituting elements are not ferromagnetic.


He was born as son of Conrad Heusler the owner of the Isabellenhütte Dillenburg, a non-ferrous metal works. He studied at the University of Bonn and University of Berlin and was awarded with his Ph.D in 1877 in Berlin. After working at the University of Göttingen he did his habilitation in Berlin 1894. In 1901 he discovered the ferromagnetic intermetallics, now known as Heusler phases, and did some research in collaboration with the University of Marburg. Due to patent controversies it took until 1903 for the publication of the results. From 1902 he was head of the Isabellenhütte.